Happy Sails!!!


I have embarked on many journeys and experienced many things, but I think this next expedition is the best yet.  I am traveling to Europe!  Yes, Europe!  I will be sailing to parts of Spain, Italy, and France.  I am traveling with great company and am expecting some awesome developments from this trip.  I have never traveled internationally, so believe me when I say that I will be a complete sponge.


I am ENORMOUSLY BLESSED to travel to other parts of the world and be able to share it with you.  I will be gathering lots of coverage.  Look for my written blog post next week with some of the details.  


In the meantime, please make sure you check out the Fall Issue of POSE Magazine.  This issue is labeled the “most inspirational people issue” with the great Maya Angelou on the cover.  There are some extraordinary stories to be told from the lives of those who inspire.  Along with some beautiful plus models, I am excited to have been a part of this issue.  I worked with, a talented fashion stylist and personal style coach, Steffany Allen and Quro Studios, a fashion photography and makeup team.  Make sure you subscribe to POSE Magazine and catch up on their previous issues.  There is a reason why they were awarded “Plus Lifestyle Magazine of the Year” by Full Figured Fashion Week this year.  
Until next time…Andrea


2 Replies to “Happy Sails!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I did, I did. 😀


  2. Enjoy the amazing journey and remember that sometimes the escape is in our minds. Although you will surrounded with the rich history and air from abroad remember that this is an opportunity to cultivate your internal landscape and make YOU that much better, be sure pick up keepsakes and make memories with intrinisic values. Walk the beach, have a cafe' or chocolat chaud (FRENCH) you deserve all that He has blessed you with. Vive!


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