My FFFWeek

I am so excited to post this entry.  Not because it’s all about me, but because I am passionate about the topic:  Full Figured Fashion Week.  This was the fourth year for the event and it was definitely better than the previous years.  Kudos to Gwen DeVoe and her team for providing a one-of-a-kind experience with some great additions.

There was a sweet twist to Wednesday’s “Curves at Sea” All White Sunset Cruise.  There was the very 1st FFFWeek Big and Tall Male Fashion Showcase right there on the yacht!  I mean how many shows have you seen on a moving boat?  There was an assortment of men who kept the energy high and all eyes focused.  I was able to get a little footage.  You are more than welcome to check it out below (from my YouTube page).  Outside of the handsome models, the food was great, music kept me moving, and the guests were fresh and clean in their best white ensembles.
Thursday was full of events:  workshops and shopping to networking and a free fashion show at Bloomingdale’s.  Seeing that all of the events were sold out, yes SOLD OUT, a free showcase was easy on the eyes and the pockets (more $ to shop with my dear).  The Bloomingdale’s showcase was an intimate experience with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.  Now with me loving the runway, I secured a great seat and enjoyed the show.  The networking event that night was an awesome idea.  Allowing all members of the plus community (consumers, businesses, models, etc) to mix and mingle is great for building relationships and keeping businesses thriving.  The performances also helped in enjoying the atmosphere.


Friday also included some day and night activities.  I took on the city and did a little shopping at the “Curves in the City” event.  That evening was one of the most anticipated events:  the Indie Designer’s Showcase.  This semi-formal event was a first being dedicated solely to, yeah you guessed it, indie designers.  Speaking of indie designers, I was able to wear a piece by D’Michelle Designs.  You should have seen the looks I got on the streets of Manhattan and through the subway.  The show was full of vibrant, sexy, and innovative designs.  There have been blog posts popping up raving about what’s to come in full figured fashion from them and how people are so excited about it.  Hey, here’s another one.  I’m excited too 😀  These curves and those designs…nothing but fierce!  The Indie Showcase was followed by the official afterparty where I went, shook my tail-feather, enjoyed the crowd, and high tailed it back to get some rest.  After all, there was still one day left.


Now Saturday’s schedule gave me a chance to breathe a little.  I had all day to relax and prepare for the Retailer/Boutique showcase and Awards ceremony.  Did I do that?  Of course not!  I had lunch in Harlem at Melba’s.  I met some great people and tried some new cuisine.  Make sure you get your taste.  I left there just in time to meet with another indie designer to grab my piece for the night.  I wore an edgy but classic curvy number by Confectioners Frock.  Stay tuned for their debut in the upcoming issue of Full Blossom Magazine.  I arrived at the showcase and enjoyed the show and awards.  The décor was elegant and crowd was pumped.  There were swimsuits, bridal gowns, couture pieces, and even lingerie (something for every curvy girl in the building).  The awards ceremony was great.  Felt good seeing people in the curvy community receive recognition for their hard work and influence.  No after party followed, but there was lots of mingling and photos.


If you missed this year, please start saving up and making plans.  There will be another and I am sure it will be bigger and better.  I hope to see you in June 2013.  Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe and share.
Until next time… Andrea

2 Replies to “My FFFWeek”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much Tiphanie! I am so glad that you not only enjoyed FFFWeek, but capitalized on it. I will be right there with you next year 🙂 Also, stay tuned for updates for those FBM interviews.


  2. Tiphanie Pettigrew says:

    This was a awesome post and only a taste of a beautifully, empowering, and blessed week of events. Wednesday nights opener white party is where the magic began.. As my first but not last year attending I wasn't sure what to expect. This full figure fashion week 2012 was full of love, networking, empowerment, and door openers. Thank you Gwen DeVoe and Staff! Yah next year. Btw Andrea you looked gorgeous all weekend as u always do, your dress by D'Michelle Was stunning, I also wanna say you were awesome interviewing the designers, models, bloggers and attendees at the award show for FBM( full blossom magazine)


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