Relationship 1 to 1

In the past few weeks there has been extra concentration on relationships between men and women.  In books, movies, and conversations with my contacts, people seem to want some of the same things.  But if you have not noticed, men and women communicate differently.  Looks like everyone has been trying to be “bilingual” and understand the culture of the opposite sex all in hopes of getting what they want and need; thus being happier.  But what about the variables? The baggage?  The details?
Well, I think the closer a person is to being whole individually (mental, spiritual, physical, emotional), the better their chances of recognizing the same in a mate and maintaining a healthy relationship.  It is very difficult to see through dirty, fogged, and broken glasses.  It is even more difficult to see when you need better vision but don’t even have the glasses or prescription.  Now it does take time to get oneself to a position of “wholeness,” but what to do in the meantime?  Yeah, that’s the hard part.  That “meantime in between time” is what has everyone talking.
People are trying all sorts of things.  Getting more fit, eating better, going to church, confronting their pasts, reading books, attending gatherings, trying new things, and travel are all on the list.  There are so many other things as well, but the point is that whatever is done should enhance you.  You have to do what is best for you and your goals.  Any new experiences, friendships, or a potential mate are all by products of you being the best you.  You can’t truly give 100% if you are not a whole.  Don’t be that mathematical equation of a man or woman:  you – relationship 1, 2, or 3= 89% (or even less).  So keep it in mind as you work on you.  It is true that nobody is perfect but that doesn’t mean the effort won’t be valued.  Besides, God makes provisions for that…it’s called favor ;D
Until next time…Andrea

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    I saw the new Think Like A Man movie and thought along the same lines. I really agree with the part about trying to contribute to something when you are not 100%. Great Blog.


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