my apologies…

So here I am, again, sitting in front of MS Word thinking of typing exactly what has been running through my mind since my last post.  But of course that would take days of writing.  Not that I haven’t sat down numerous times before.  I just didn’t type.  I would stare at the screen and say:  “Maybe nobody is listening.”  “Maybe nobody cares whether I blog or not.”  But something told me to just do it anyway.  Do it for yourself if nobody else.  Then I saw an anonymous note saying that they missed my posts.  Well, KISSES and HUGS to “Anonymous” because that was all I needed to get back in gear.  So here we go….
It is November already?!  Yes, the year is almost gone.  I did say ALMOST.  There is still time, with or without holiday celebrations, to finish what you’ve started.  At least that is what I tell myself when I see the days pass on my BlackBerry calendar or as I check appointment dates for a customer at my “day” job.  It is important to stay motivated, especially when things are moving a little sluggishly.  Not that I am even accurate on the speed, as God has me at just the right pace.
Since in NY, I have gone through multiple bouts of “homesickness” and traveled home to visit.  I have gotten a taste of the weather as well.  It’s not too different than hometown Chicago, but I know I have been spoiled with all of the southern mild winters over the years.  I think I need to take out some time to “hibernate” for the winter.  Now of course I am figuratively speaking.  I am not going to sleep my winter away, but I am going to retire, rest, and rejuvenate for my next season.  There are so many experiences ahead of me that I believe this is needed.  I expect great outcomes from the connections that I have made and need to be prepared to put in some serious work.
I will resume my weekly posts to keep you updated on how the rest of 2011 is going.  I will also be getting back to my YouTube videos as well.  I am looking forward to 2012 so know that the posts will continue.  Please follow me on Twitter for more immediate updates.  Also check out my interview with Daily Venus Diva Magazine.  I made the November cover, YAY!  Thanks for reading/listening, I appreciate you support, and I sincerely apologize for the delay.  If it applies, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday (and the sales too) 😀
Until next week…Andrea

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