"O thou of little faith"

In the Bible (Matthew 14), there is a story about Jesus walking on water and Peter’s faith.  In summary, Peter asked the Lord to allow him to also walk on water during a storm. The Lord granted his request and Peter began his walk, but as the storm continued, he became distracted by the elements and began to sink. Jesus saved him, but pointed out that Peter had little faith.  After reading this story, I wondered why Peter would ask for such an AMAZING experience just to lose it because of his lack of faith.  I asked myself:  What extraordinary experiences and blessings have I asked of God?  Those in which I was the only one who was bold and inquisitive enough to make the request.  And God said yes!  But when I started experiencing that blessing, my lack of faith allowed distraction and doubt in God’s ability to take it away.

There is not another instance of Peter having the experience of walking on water.  Some extraordinary blessings never come again. In this new season of my life I, like Peter, have asked the Lord to grant me some extraordinary, radical, and unconventional blessings (as unbelievable as “walking on water”).  He, again, said YES!  This time it is up to me to take those steps of faith and walk in that destiny.  No time to second guess my existence in a situation, lifestyle, or location.  He has already given me my position.  No room to doubt my abilities, efforts, and maturity or allow the “elements of the storm” to influence my focus.  After all, he controls the elements AND the storm.  So if you have never come to this type of bridge in your life, you can take it as food for thought.  If you have ever crossed this bridge, I hope you understand my point of view.  Either way, the bottom line is…don’t doubt God!


Until next week…Andrea


Last Week’s Poll:
Q:  Are curvy/voluptuous women beautiful or unhealthy?
A:  Unanimous vote of beautiful.
So why aren’t more curvy/voluptuous women portrayed equally in the media?  Hmmm.  Something isn’t right there.

One Reply to “"O thou of little faith"”

  1. Intrigue says:

    I was blessed by this article. I especially identified with the part about Peter not having another blessing. I agree, some extraordinary blessings never come again. I don't fathom that we even know what missed either. How scary is that, not knowing. I would rather follow Him the first time. Great Blog!


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