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I have been appointed to provide the quote of the day at my job.  It not only gives me a moment to reflect on my mood and attitude, but also what I want to distribute to influence others.  My goal is to find something that makes others think and reflect.  I even throw a funny one in here and there.  But today’s quote had me frozen for a sec…

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” -Denis Waitley

I immediately thought of the current events in this country surrounding the murders, deaths, and (what seems like) genocide of our Black youth, specifically male.  At this time in history, not dwelling on what went wrong is very hard to do.  There are members of the community who would love to NOT dwell on what is happening.  They want to move on with their lives or simply believe that enough time has been spent on the topic; just clean things up and get everything back to normal.
But what is NORMAL?  Are you referring to the normal where those who have been executed are alive and well, with their families, and growing old and wise?  Or maybe where the wrongfully accused are no longer wasting away in jail cells and are working as employees, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s?  How about the normal where you don’t have to turn on the TV/computer and see another black face involved with violence or see another mother or father weeping for one more second/hour/day with their loved one?  Of course you want people to be able to move on and be at peace regardless of what happens in life, but the compilation of events are too massive to ignore.  The pain is too deep to simply subside overnight.  And parents of young black men, like many of my peers and I, are too concerned.
This country is going through so many emotions (fear, confusion, pain, grief, hate, love, excitement, etc).  It can be difficult to focus on what to do next.  However, whatever is done must be productive enough to ignite change.  We want to always be safe, reasonable, and respectful; we were taught to.  The law requires it.  But at times, radical, and sometimes offensive, measures must be taken to get people’s attention and change hearts.  Protecting our children is the priority.
Everyone says that I am blessed to have all boys.  Everyone thinks it is so awesome that they are scholars, athletes, and upstanding citizens.  But the law does not care about the pride that I have as a mother.  The murderers, who would rather shoot and kill for any random reason, have no regard for the time and love invested in their development.  I wish I truly did not have to worry about my boys when they left for school each day, but I do.  I never thought I could love my boys more, but every day I look forward to seeing their faces and hearing their voices.  I no longer pass the chance to tell them I love them or snatch a hug & kiss.  I love them more, because there are more and more mothers who are having that snatched away.  The God in me keeps me in constant prayer.  Thus far he is answering.  This is a season of unfortunate and non-consumable truths.  The tragedies of Mike Brown, Antonio Smith, and countless others has me realizing that PEACE… is relative.
Stand up for Mike Brown…
Stand up for Antonio Smith…
Stand up for my Kings…
Stand up for yourself…
Stand up for our future!


Until next time… Andrea

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