The Real MVP

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My sons have gotten older and their activities have grown.  They have participated in football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, and even cheerleading.  Although I was an athletic child, I was not a sports junkie.  I’d still rather hit the mall instead of watching the game.  But in order to be involved and engaged, I decided to start paying attention.  So I have my sports guru friend answer all of my silly questions and give me the play-by-play.


One day he sent me a video of Kevin Durant’s 2014 MVP speech. I thought I would just learn something about basketball and how much Kevin worked to get to that point in life.  I was taken aback to hear pure love, respect, and gratitude for his teammates, family, friends, and most of all, his mother.  This could not have come at a better time since Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  I am sure that Kevin appreciates his mother every day, but being publicly praised is an exuberant experience.

As I watched the speech I began to tear up.  I identified with his mother on many levels:  having children earlier in life, being a single parent, raising sons, and sacrificing herself for the well-being of her children.  Most of all, I identified with the pushing and believing when no one else did; being that rock.  Few people may truly understand what mothers endure to see that their children are successful.  According to, the bond between mother and son is one of a kind.  It is essential for developing healthy relationships, behavior, performance, and overall lifestyle.
I pray that my Kings accomplish extraordinary things.  They don’t need to become NFL players, celebrities, or millionaires.  They just need to live, work, and serve in purpose.  They all have great potential, unique talents, and can literally change the world.  If I have done my job, and they have done theirs, they will one day have the opportunity to speak and share their story.
To all of the mothers…keep pushing!  I know that the struggle is real, but the reward is too.  Your work will not go unnoticed.  Your cries will not go unheard.  God is ALWAYS watching over you.  If you ever feel alone, know that someone cares and appreciates you.  Whether it’s a trip out of town, a single rose from a bush, or a few extra minutes of rest, do something for yourself this year.  Celebrate you, your hard work, and the fruits of your labor.  Kevin’s mother is not the only MVP.
Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Until next time… Andrea

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