Take Off

sea flight sky earth

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have you ever opened your eyes one morning, or afternoon, and wondered why it looked so strange?  An unfamiliar place; one you hadn’t quite planned for yourself.  Well, I’ve had plenty of days when I asked, “How did I get here?”  I started out going with the flow and the inch, that I thought I was giving, stretched to miles.  Sometimes things slipped from my hands and I went further than ever imagined.
Now I am not speaking of negative things.  It’s too easy to remember those.  I am speaking of those times in life when everything comes to pass; when all of the hard work and sacrifice pays off big.  You launch a new business and the demand from consumers is so intense that you have to triple in size to keep up.  You go on that audition, land the job, and the work you do lands you bigger and better.  You go in for a cup of coffee and come out with a lifelong partner.  Some would call it serendipity, and by definition that is correct.  But when you add faith to the equation, I can’t help but call it favor.
The series of events that occur once things “take off” can be overwhelming.  You go lots of places, do different things, meet varieties of people, make loads of memories, and hopefully learn so much in the process.  That unfamiliar becomes your new norm.  Enjoy these moments:  bursts of light, motivation, movement, and change.  The small ones add up like pennies, allowing you to savor one-by-one.  The big ones simply take your breath away.  Reflect on your successes to gain fuel for the future.  O, and don’t forget your faith.  You will need it where you are going… #higher #better #GREATER


Until next time… Andrea

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