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There are celebrities, people in the world of fashion and entertainment, and even the everyday “15 minutes of fame-ers” who keep large networks.  I wonder sometimes, what is that network really worth?  What good does it do to know/be familiar with so many people/have so many followers if they have no value to your life and you are not adding any to theirs?  It is not functional.  Don’t get me wrong, actual networking is great, but social association (for the hell of it) is slightly overrated.  It’s even worse when you THINK you are connected but find out that you are really the butt of the joke. People are being nice to you to get to someone else or using your connect to add some light to their shade (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram beef).


The bottom line:  you may be climbing your mountain of success alone.  Sure you have encouragers but there are very few who are taking steps and tackling the terrain with you.  The time will come when you will need a break or to drop some people.  Simply leave them at the foot of the mountain.  It may not be easy to move forward without them, but it also won’t be easy if you have on hiking boots and they are wearing flip-flops.  Watch your circle, your network, and those who have influence and access to your life.  Be conscious of where you are going and where they are taking you.  Greater can’t be achieved by leaving your dreams behind.  #moutainclimber #thatswhereEAGLESlive
Until next time…Andrea

2 Replies to “Network-th”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you make great points. Timing is important and those dreams need to align with his will. Holding onto what he has given you will do nothing but succeed. Thanks for your post 🙂


  2. Inspiring notion, sometimes our dreams ARE what holds us back from executing his plan. To me, it's easy to see the need to disassociate myself from the people wearing flip-flops. The tough distinction to make is when they are wearing cross-trainers or better yet a pair of boots too. No matter how wonderful things seem and may be for our well being timing governs us more than we know. Thank you for this inspiring message.My favorite line was: ” it also won’t be easy if you have on hiking boots and they are wearing flip-flops” – – How can we NOT get that analogy.


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