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In just a couple of days, it will be Valentine’s Day.  People all over are preparing for the ones they love, like, or maybe just sweet on.  Orders for flowers, chocolates, berries, and gifts are being placed online.  Appointments are being made at salons, barbershops, and spas.  Reservations are being made at restaurants.  People are even taking the day off or leaving early to participate in special plans.  But there are several single ladies, and men, who will go through their Valentine’s Day as any other day.
Now yours truly falls in the single category.  No special plans have been made and no special someone will be calling (no side piece action).  I will go through my day and be open to whatever happens.  Thankfully, I never go a day without feeling loved, cherished, honored, and valued.  It just may not be in the most intimate ways.  Yes, that can suck at times, but this year I am ok with it.  I am enjoying loving myself, my boys, and my peace.  For those of you who have had relationship drama, I’m sure you understand how important peace is.
So I wish all of you a Valentine’s Day filled with love and appreciation.  Whether it is with your husband, wife, boo, child, or dog, enjoy the day.  Be sure to exude a great attitude and spread some happy vibes.  Make it a lovely one instead of a lonely one.  You never know what you will get in return.
XOXO… Andrea

2 Replies to “XOXO”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who needs Red Bull when you have love! lol Thanks!


  2. Feeling loved fuels us and gives us strength we never knew we had. Valentines day is the extra match in the book that we didn't necessarily need but glad we had because it helps keep the flame of our home fires burning, Great post


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