It’s Feb…

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…the month of love, fashion week, and Black History.  Now of course all three of these flourish throughout the year, but this month is particularly dedicated.  Make sure you celebrate all three.  Read on for more information.  Feel free to comment below with info you would like to share.  Enjoy 🙂

Love:  Stay tuned for more in next week’s blog post.
Black History:  Start a conversation with your family or friends about your experience. Get reacquainted with your family tree or simply share your story.
The History Channel has videos, photos, and speeches
BET has a great list of films that deal with Black History
Plus Model Mag has turned heads while turning pages this month; giving readers a glimpse of some great fashion, beautiful models, and addressing the issue of working Black models in the industry.  The Black Issue
Full Figured Fashion Week’s casting tour kicked off in Washington, DC on Feb 1st.  Check out their website for information on other casting locations, dates, and what you need to audition.
Curves Rock Fashion Weekend casting is being held in MD this Sunday, Feb 9th.  If you are unable to make it to NY for the Full Blossom Magazine event and are in the area, why not audition?
New York Fashion Week will be in full effect Feb 6-13th.  If you can’t be there, watch live online.
Full Blossom Magazine is making history this month with a weekend full of events.  There is a launch party, press party, shopping expo, and the much anticipated 1st plus size fashion show during NYFW, “Face the Sweet.”  The show benefits Divabetic.  Meet me there and experience it all first-hand!


Until next time…Andrea

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