The Introduction


Left to right: The Combo Kid, Free Spirit, Jock, Queen, Boss, Daredevil, & Humanitarian. Photo credit: Studio One Production

Last week I mentioned that I have a family.  Now let me introduce you….
The Free Spirit:  The oldest.  He is my scholar and college student.  He used to be a complete book worm, but since he’s turned 18 and become an adult he has “spread his wings” a bit.  He is learning the value of HIS dollar with entering the workforce, creating bills, and being on a college student’s budget.  He has made his family proud by being a young man of substance and we are looking forward to his journey and where his goals, studies, activities, and friends take him.  He loves his brothers and makes sure to give back to them by spending time and sometimes his last dime to let them know that he will NOT be the only one who goes to college.
The Jock:  If you ask him he is second to none.  He is clear that motherhood for me didn’t start until he was born.  In some ways he is right seeing as I was so young with my first, but of course that is not what he means.  He is talented in so many ways:  music (voice and guitar), football, basketball, baseball, brain games, skating, dancing, modeling, personal style, and anything else he puts his mind to.  The fun thing for me is getting him to FOCUS.  The optometrist has not been able to find the prescription for the glasses that will allow him to NOT see girls.  He is adjusting to the workload of high school, the culture and cliques that form pretty quickly, and the fact that college is REALLY not that far away.
The Combo Kid:  The middle child (if there had to be one).  He is the combo kid because he has the qualities of all of his brothers wrapped into one.   Depending on the situation and the day, you can find him shooting hoops and talking fashion with the Jock, sliding across the top of my car with the Daredevil, debating with the Boss, giving bear hugs with the Humanitarian, and discussing current events and tattoos with the Free Spirit.  The fascinating thing about the combo kid is that he OWNS his actions.  You will never think he does anything like his brothers.  The other unique thing about him is that his laugh is hysterical and contagious.  He is the icebreaker.
The Boss:  The older twin (yes I have twins).  He is the one you do not want to do anything wrong around.  He will testify in court against you.  He will remind you when you are off, not following directions, or doing anything mom or dad said no to.  He will walk the straight and narrow because his competitive spirit won’t allow him to be in second place.  He enjoys being a leader and the feeling it gives him.  He is willing to work for what he earns.  He reminds me of an old fashioned CEO in a 10yr old body.
The Daredevil:  The younger twin.  He is the smart, athletically inclined, witty brother who may or may not care what people think.  He seems to only not want to disappoint mom, dad, and whoever can give him candy or access to video games.  He enjoys computers and technical things, can read his high school and college brother’s textbooks with ease, and will wrestle you or break a leg for fun.  He is the one you cannot say everything around because when you think he won’t understand, he does… too well.
The Humanitarian:  My youngest son (don’t ever let him hear you say he’s the baby).  He gets a lot of love but he gives it right back.  He says the simplest common sense things, will shed a tear when needed, and give you a big hug if you even look like you have had a bad day.  He always wants everyone to get along and nobody to get in trouble.  He will help you complete a task or apologize because he’s only in third grade and may not understand it all.  He always rushes to open mama’s door, makes sure to blow a kiss goodbye, and never goes a day without saying “I Love You.”
The Queen:  That would be me.  I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, blogger, host, actress, & model.  I am an educated, professional, and single black woman.  I am an active member of my community and am spiritually connected.  I like to think the best of a person before assuming the worst.  I protect my own and those who are important to my life.  I can be selfish but generous at the same time.  I try to learn as much as possible and teach my boys, and others, so that they can have more opportunities and a broader perspective.  I enjoy living life and laughing often.
Well, that’s us.  It just gets deeper from here.  Everything may not be good, but it will all be real.  Don’t forget to leave your comments below.  I would love your feedback.


Until next time… Andrea

6 Replies to “The Introduction”

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  2. I admire you even more!!! We have a lot in common!! Keep doing what you are doing. .I have a new found amount of respect for you!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes ma'am, Thanks!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Blessings 🙂


  5. I love it and ALL boys!


  6. Billie Burns says:

    Great job and great descriptions of your sons. You are a warrior and a winner women of God.


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