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As we celebrate our reason for the holiday season, and each other, let’s not forget to plan ahead.  Yes you only live once and you want to live each day to the fullest, but the future is also a gift.  It will be the present as soon as tomorrow. 
Society, and sometimes the people closest to you, seems to focus on your mistakes and failures.  Yes they happened and are a part of your past.  Be sure to learn from them and improve.  But as you remember your 2013, don’t forget some of the most important things:  your successes, your strengths, & your dreams.  For all of the dark times and cold hearts, remember the bright days and warm spirits.  For all the No’s, don’t forget the Yes’s.  Just listen…“For every mountain…”
Remember those things to prepare for this New Year ahead.  Knowing what you need and want out of life will make it that much easier to live.  Not knowing is like trying to get something in the dark and straining your eyes to see because you just didn’t turn on the light.  Then you end up going back and turning it on anyway. (I know I’m not the only one who has tried it)  You have no direction; no guidance.  When that light is turned on, things become so clear.  Sometimes you get exactly what you were looking for and move on.  Other times you see something else that you wanted or needed.  It makes your effort that much more valuable. 
Life is no different.  Operate with a sense of awareness and give yourself the best advantage.  Don’t discount how much effort is needed from you to get things accomplished.  You will save yourself from the extras…heartache, pain, time, money, stress, drama, etc.  Strive to live in the overflow; where the blessings are.
Enjoy this holiday season.  I wish you & yours the gift of GREATER in 2014! 


Until next year… Andrea

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