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It has been some time since my last post.  I have been staying busy:  working with a great company (career woman in the house!), started a fitness journey (results coming soon), and taking some time to regroup (priority is key).  Now that the holiday season has arrived, it feels like this year has zoomed by.  But I know that has not happened since the value of a minute has not changed.  There are still just 24 hours in a day.  I guess the difference matters in how you spend them.  tweetable… 😉


I am looking forward to the family time ahead. It is a season to remember those who did not make it and the memories that they left behind.  It’s also a good time to show appreciation for the loved ones that we have to create new memories with.  Especially good to say:  “Thank You,” “I Love You,” “I Appreciate You” again.  So with Thanksgiving being here, I have to give my thanks.  I am thankful to God for my existence.  Of course there is no right now or tomorrow without him.  I am thankful to my family and friends as well.  I don’t have any particular reason, because just being you is enough.  Thank you to all of my supporters.  Anyone who has read this blog, shared this blog, followed me on Twitter, Retweeted me, LIKED my page on Facebook, or shared one of my posts, THANKS!  Anyone who has sent me a message, liked a post, left a comment, said a kind word, given free hugs, high 5’s, a wink, or a smile… thank you.  To the people who inspire me:  with your life, drive, quotes you posts, your own blogs/pictures/testimonies, and admissions that I am the one who inspires you… Thanks so much!  And last but not least, to the people who don’t wish me well, have ill feelings toward me, talk about me, and those who said I couldn’t, shouldn’t, and wouldn’t do it… YOU are dope!  You are essential because you provide just enough negative energy for me to bounce off of.  Just enough to help make me stronger, go harder, endure longer, and become a better me.  I’m thankful for you all!


I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  Whatever you decide to do with it, make it count!  All I ask is that you keep a smile in your heart, share this blog with someone else, and connect with me (links on the left).  There is so much to be thankful for, even the “not so good” things.  Life is about living, experiencing, and the story/legacy made in the process.  In a little while, it will be time to spread cheer and good tidings.  And then it will be 2014.  Wow…. 2 0 1 4!!  I am excited for the things ahead and am looking forward to telling you more about them.  Enjoy everyone!
Until next time…. Andrea

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