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This post is full of updates…

During my last trip to New York, I participated in a video shoot for the talented jazz artist, Rajdulari.  Well that video is out and available for you to view.  Please check out her new single, Natural, and share with a friend.  Rajdulari is having a fundraiser for her “Journey of a Woman” album.  She is definitely going places and the Grammys is along her journey.  Watch now.
Remember the Dangerous Curves Ahead  Charity Fashion Show in Chicago, IL?  It was FULL of awesome designs, with a great atmosphere, and for an important cause- homelessness.  Make sure you check out:  Chocolate Sushi Couture, Blair Chic Boutique, Love Verse, Archer Townsend, Knotty Loop, Kiwi’s Boutique, Frock Shop, The Eightwentyeight Collection, A’Tia Couture, and Dale and Company to get fashions and accessories for all sizes.
I recently walked in the Day Party fashion show in Nashville, TN and had a great time.  I ripped the runway with fashions from Chic’ Closet, A Diva’s Fettish, and Guys & Dolls.  I will also be participating in more shows there and abroad.  Please make sure you LIKE and follow me on social media.  I always post flyers, information for events, castings, inspirational quotes & messages, and whatever else comes my way.
Until next time…Andrea

2 Replies to “Up To Date”

  1. I checked out the video. What a great message and it was truly graced with much natural beauty. Even from afar, I watch. Amazing, simply amazing.


  2. Great Blog…thanks for the mention. Enjoyable day for a worthy cause….Ms. KnottyLoop aka MonaKnottyLoop Creationswww.knottyloop.comwww.facebook.com/knottyloop


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