Runnin & Runnin…

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I was able to travel back to NY over the weekend and it was full of events.  I worked with an awesome jazz artist, Rajdulari, on her new “Natural” project.  There were so many beautiful and talented natural women there, but it wasn’t just an ordinary set.  Although professional, the atmosphere was light, positive, and loving.  Everyone was confident and we enjoyed each other.  Stay tuned for Rajdulari’s Natural coming soon.  Check her out, get to know her unique sound, and follow her Journey to the Grammy’s.
After shooting I had a little time to regroup before the evening.  I did a little shopping, went to Penn Station, and got a taste of the NY Knicks fans.  They are definitely die hard and made my NBA game watching experience lively.  Not long after the game was over, I was back on 34th Street heading to the Hotel Pennsylvania for the Full Blossom Magazine 3rd Anniversary event.  It was full of surprises, great music, and awesome people.  I loved seeing and working with my fellow professionals in the industry.  It was also refreshing to meet some new faces and of course networking was essential.  This was the first time that the FBM Faces were able to meet and work together.  We ignited the runway and had a blast.  Then time to party, party, party!  Boy I have to say that NY shows out when it comes to night life.  Kudos to the coordinators and hotel staff who transformed the runway to an awesome party scene.  I couldn’t believe that all of this was just my Saturday.  Sunday was full of bright lights, smiling faces, and outfit changes.  It was time for the FBM Faces to hit the studio for some much needed shooting.  We are excited about what we will be bringing you in the next few issues. Spring has sprung and we can’t wait for summer, sun, and more fun!
There is also much more to come in my work and travels.  Next stop is Chicago, my hometown.  I will be attending the Dangerous Curves Ahead Annual Charity Fashion Show and Women’s Expo on May 4th.  Get your tickets and come out to support their efforts to empower women and fight homelessness.  I am looking forward to seeing some of my colleagues and making new connections.
I sometimes get a lot of questions about my travels.  Why do I do it?  Well, most times you have to take steps toward your goals.  They rarely come to you.  If those steps include an email, phone call, walk, drive, or even a flight, you must TAKE it!  Don’t let one of these things be the barrier between your plans of today and your success of tomorrow.  It’s already yours…if you believe.  I do it because I believe.
Until next time…Andrea

2 Replies to “Runnin & Runnin…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The event was great! Not only did it feel good to be home, but even better to see an awesome cause supported by so many. The fashions were outstanding and the mommy makeover was such an inspiration. Be sure to check their website for updates and coverage.


  2. How was the Dangerous Curves Ahead Annual Charity Fashion Show and Women’s Expo ?


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