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I came across an article from the Thought Catalog titled  “10 Decisions That Change Your Life.”  Like most readers, I quickly read each one evaluating my life to see if I’d “been there and done that.”  Some were accomplished or ongoing, but others are still on my list of life’s goals.
There are some things in life that depend on your interactions with others.  However, YOU are the biggest influence in the course of your life.  You determine what you study, where you work, your interests, hobbies, relationships, and investments.  You decide who to follow, who to lead, and who to let go along the way.  Your decisions will always carry a result.  If the result is good old positive change, good for you.  If the result is a consequence, take a second look and make a better decision.
What decision(s) have you made that changed your life?  Did it make the list below?  Please comment with the number or list your own.  It may actually help to change someone else’s life.  Be sure to visit the full article (linked above) for more info.  Also, make sure you share this post, start a conversation, make some decisions, subscribe.
Until next time…Andrea
1. Deciding that you have the power to change.
2. When you choose to make your work what you’re passionate about. 
3. When you make your own family. 
4. When you start living within your means. 
5. When you discover the simple things that make you happy, and make it a point to do them every day. 
6. When you choose to give your time and energy to others and not just yourself. 
7. When you work toward embracing what you can’t change. 
8. When you take the time to just stop and enjoy the moment you’re in.
9. When you love who you actually love.
10. When you know you want a change because it’s the first step in changing.


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