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I agreed to be a part of a 31 day thanksgiving challenge to blog about why I was thankful for each topic below.  I didn’t abide by the exact rules, but here is the short version…

1. At this moment– this blog and the ability to express myself in written form
2. Life- full of ups & downs, twists & turns, experiences & emotions
3. Friends- true blue, tried, and trusted.  Sometimes my lifeline, my enemy, my protector, and even the tears on my shoulders.
4. Love- has shown me so many faces, places, and experiences.
5. Acceptance– thankful for acceptance, UN-acceptance, and understanding the difference of where that truly matters.
6. Writing– has always been strong (one reason I survived so much schooling without going crazy).
7. Encouragement- encouraging words or gestures have carried me through tough situations.  It is why I am driven to inspire others.
8. Generosity– With all of the disasters and disappointments that people have faced, the generosity of others has saved lives, including mine.
9. Gratitude– thankful for both ends: giving & receiving
10. Gifts- always produce a smile
11. Parents- they are the best!
12.  Family– one of the cornerstones of who I am and will always be cherished.
13.  Heart- is not only still pumping but also still functional.
14. Mind– after ALL that I have endured, I have not lost it.
15. Spirit– it is connected to something/someone greater than myself
16. Health– blessed to have great health.
17. Something materialistic– gotta love my shoes
18. Something given to someone- respect
19. Something given by a loved one– advice/guidance from my elders
20. Music (genre, lyrics, song, artist)– gospel, r&b, neo-soul, etc
21. Food/beverage– apple pie a la mode (oh yeah!)
22. Book/magazine- Bible
23. Past/present/future-I would have to say past, the groundwork for all else.
24. One person in particular- the person who put me up to this, Ms. NVFreckles.  Check out her blog Love, Curiosity, Freckles, and Doubt
25. Relationship- I’m an extrovert of sorts so relationships are important.
26. Success/accomplishments-these help in building my legacy.  Hard work pays off.
27. It’s in the little things- I’m very detailed.  Besides, they add up
28. Live, love, laugh-they are all a reality for me
29. Weather or seasons?  Weather (warm to be exact)
30. Peace or silence? Peace.  It is internal and protected from the influence of others.
31. 10 things thankful for today- time to write, options, knowing that I am loved, faith, resources, a network, a promise, no stress, FINALLY finishing this entry, and you reading and sharing.


What are you thankful for?  If I’ve already listed it, just comment with the number below.  If not, just write it in.  Either way, reflect and take the challenge.
Until next time…Andrea

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