Fisk Forever!

As previously mentioned, I am back in Nashville, TN.  Not only am I home with family and friends, but I am in the home of my alma mater.  Yes, I have a college education and it is from a very prestigious historically black university:  Fisk University.  Founded in 1866, Fisk has always been a beacon of the south by setting standards of excellence, character, and innovative thinking.  There is so much history in its founding and also survival through the years.  I believe that the best things that have come from Fisk are its students and the relationships that have built from the “Fisk experience” (yes it is one of a kind).  I would never trade my time as a student for another university.  I am proud to know that I am helping to uphold the Fisk legacy.
Well, it’s that time of year where the leaves have started falling and the temperature is dropping.  It’s also time for HOMECOMING!!!  This year’s theme is “Fisk Meets Hollywood: Remembering the Stars.”  The festivities will be held this week:  November 15-17, 2012.  The annual festivities include a fashion show, concert, Miss Fisk coronation, step show, comedy show, tailgating, games, and parties.  I almost forgot the most important, the reunion of the Fisk family!  I will be participating in the homecoming fashion show.  If you are in or around Nashville, please come join in our celebration.  I have attached links below so you can learn more about Fisk, the homecoming festivities, and purchase tickets.  I hope to see you there!
For my Fiskites out there:
Where ‘ere we be, we shall still love thee…FISK our alma mater!!”
Until next time… Andrea

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