Watch, Give, Vote!

Hi everyone!  It has been a few weeks since I embarked on my discovery of the Mediterranean.  I posted videos to give you a glimpse of what I experienced. I snapped so many photos that my pointer finger no longer wanted to point and connected with lots of people from around the world.  That was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.  I am still going through all of the 1,000+ photos, but know that the slideshow will be posted soon.
When I arrived back in the states, I was faced with the reality of everyday life.  Not that it is a bummer by any means, but the hustle and bustle continued.  The election was vastly approaching, I was following up on some business connections, and began coordinating my schedule of events.  But then came Sandy, hurricane Sandy.  A lot of my plans were stopped in their tracks.  Sooo, I am back in Nashville, TN and am making moves here.  No matter the changes, the best thing is that I am safe and healthy.
I have to admit, I am concerned about my Northeastern family and colleagues.  Some of them were untouched physically, but all were affected by this unexpected powerful storm (lack of power, flooding, and not being able to travel because of limits with public transportation or access to fuel, etc).  The short and long term effects will definitely have an impact on the entire country and probably even the world.  There are people who have lost their homes/livelihood, and are in need of a helping hand.  So I ask that you do what you can.  Whether it is helping someone local, sending goods, or donating to organizations that will provide what is needed.   Sometimes a listening ear or shoulder to cry on is enough.  Wherever you fit, please contribute to the cause.  We are ALL in this together.
By the way, election day is tomorrow.  If you haven’t already, use your voice and
Until next time…Andrea

2 Replies to “Watch, Give, Vote!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Resilience is the difference between the losing and winning side of the finish line…Im still running! Thanks for your comment


  2. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to you and all those affected. Perhaps the storm was meant to cleanse or wash away a part of the past or prepare for the future. I don't know why God chooses the plans he executes but New York is resilient place . However, the people can only take so much. Keep fighting and chasing after your dreams, you are gaining on them.


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