Zone–> Out

I love my curves and support the women in my industry who are working with curves and allowing their curves to work for them.  There is a reality show out now on NuvoTV called Curvy Girls.  A lot of the cast members I have met and worked with.  All of the ladies are beautiful, unique, and curvy.  The show gives the audience a glimpse of the life of a plus model:  the controversial topics of size (too big or too small), the up and down sides of being freelance or agency represented, and even a look at what happens in our everyday lives when the camera is not on.

Last night, as I was watching, I was touched by something that was said.  Rosie, one of the cast members, was at a casting for an implied nude shoot with Plus Model Magazine.  Although being featured would be an OUTSTANDING opportunity, she was not ready to take that step in that way.  Then Reah Norman, the Executive Fashion Director for Plus Model Magazine, said the magic words:

“Everything you want is right outside your comfort zone.”


What?!  I had to rewind and play that back again.  It almost felt like Reah was talking to me.  I finished watching the show and enjoyed it as usual, but I couldn’t help but reflect on Reah’s words.
I have lots of experience in the plus model industry and there is always room for growth.  Actually, the possibilities are endless.  But I had to be honest, was I restricting myself because of comfort?  Am I just playing it safe?  Some parts of me say “of course not,” while other parts say “maybe a little.”  What am I waiting for?  Is it fear, ignorance, or denial?  All I can say is that it’s about time I explore the outside of my comfort zone.  I’m not going to lose myself.  I’m just going to do some tweaking here and there.  So stay tuned for what happens. 
I encourage you to ask yourself the same thing about your career, relationship, or future.  What you do, or don’t, will shape your tomorrows.

Until next time…Andrea


2 Replies to “Zone–> Out”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you are referring to my cover photo above, that dress is one of a kind. The hat was from a shop in downtown Los Angeles in their garment/fashion district (don't have the name).


  2. shine4truth says:

    Where can I find your wardrobe for this shoot?


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