In Just 30 Days

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned a 30-day challenge that I was embarking on. I have completed it and can say that the time flew by. I have officially formed a new habit.  No, it’s even deeper than that…I have developed another facet of my personality:  Always finding inspiration in each day.
Interestingly enough, this change occurred way before the end of the challenge.  It really only took about 2 weeks. Beyond that, I was excited to see where the inspiration in each day would come from. I lived in expectation. That’s such a vulnerable but powerful place.  Some days, inspiration came my way. Other days it was a reflection of what I displayed to others.  Believe me when I say, those laws of attraction really work.  Ever tried to go one day saying “YES” instead of “no” or being nice to everyone you encounter(whether they deserve it or not)?  Watch how the universe responds to you.  You will be inspired as well. 
I hope that you tried the 30-day challenge.  Feel free to comment below and let me know if you made it through and how your life has changed.  Below I’ve listed my daily inspirations or lessons learned during my challenge.  Just a closer look at the MIND behind this model.
Until next time…Andrea
Day 1 Fri-
Challenging yourself-You are your biggest opponent (30day challenge)
Day 2 Sat- Honor-legacy (awards)
Day 3 Sun- Pushing through the reality to reach the dream (don’t give up)
Day 4 Mon- Permission to be happy sir? (enjoying the moments)
Day 5 Tue- I’m human (bad day)
Day 6 Wed- Efficiency is good
Day 7 Thurs- It’s not all about you
Day 8 Fri- Indulge- Dallas BBQ’s!!!
Day 9 Sat- Alone time (bus chronicles)
Day 10 Sun- Home is where the heart is
Day 11 Mon- Full mommie mode
Day 12 Tues- Ask not, want not?  OR Is it pride?
Day 13 Wed- OWN it!
Day 14 Thurs- Are you really ready?
Day 15 Fri- Communication=building blocks=foundation
Day 16 Sat- Stir it up
Day 17 Sun- What about family?
Day 18 Mon- Date night (just the 2 of us)
Day 19 Tues- Do what you have to…but be nice
Day 20 Wed- Keep pressing
Day 21 Thurs- You are doing SOMEthing(s) right
Day 22 Fri- It’s not enough…Do wants=needs?
Day 23 Sat- If you have to wonder, maybe it’s not
Day 24 Sun- Dance like nobody’s looking
Day 25 Mon- Smooth Monday
Day 26 Tues- Remember those who paved the way
Day 27 Wed- Open up
Day 28 Thurs- Ahhh the beach
Day 29 Fri- Just be silent
Day 30 Sat- I did it!

2 Replies to “In Just 30 Days”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can definitely make it to 45 and beyond. It is a part of me now. Days 4 and 19 were special in their own ways. I probably told a little more about myself than usual, but I have my days just like everyone else. That's the freedom in being human…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting takeaways. I have never “challenged” myself like you have , not at least knowingly. I especially liked your reflections from Day #s (4 and 19). I think your exercise proves so much about your character and resilience. Can you make it to 45days?


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