Yolanda Moore

I enjoy writing my blog.  It allows me to express my ideas and feelings, but also reach others.  Some would say that I should write a book about my life…tell my story.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be interesting to read about every nook and cranny of my life.  So I have been scanning through autobiographies and inspirational books to get an idea of what they reveal, how they speak to the readers, and most of all learn about their unique stories.
I have read a couple of excerpts from You Will Win If You Don’t Quit, an inspirational book by Yolanda Moore.  My first impression was that she is definitely honest.  I appreciate that in an author.  Honesty not only allows the writer to be more transparent, but allows the reader to connect and believe what they are reading.  In a few pages, I learned about her struggles with having a consistent father figure and how that had a lasting impact on her.  There is a special bond that fathers have with their daughters.  Any distortion of it causes lasting impressions and ultimately effects the development or that child, her womanhood, and especially future relationships.
In other areas of this book, I learned about some of her struggles maintaining clarity during her journey as a professional athlete.  She had to stay focused throughout in order to reach her goals.  Whether we realize it or not, we are being prepared throughout our lives for our purpose.  Preparation doesn’t begin when we have the “AHA” moment that we are supposed to do or be.  It doesn’t start when we’ve been validated by someone else.  So it is always essential to keep your eyes open, follow your heart, make the hard decisions that will align you with greater opportunities, and don’t quit!!  I dare you to try it and I’m confident that, like Yolanda Moore, you will win!
Until next time…Andrea

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    great review Andrea!


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