More than a month has passed and a lot has happened!  I made my way back to New York, walked in the Qristyl Frazier Sizzling runway show, witnessed some awesome performances at the world famous Apollo Theater, finally visited Central Park, and got great tastes of the house music culture in Brooklyn.  More recently I worked with Shanda Freeman for Curvysta on the debut of her Gemini collection.  I was able to rip the runway at Maryland Fashion Week and shoot for the online catalog.  I also am gaining experience in radio.  If you tune in to Everyday Radio you may hear me on the air.  There are new opportunities that surface each day and I look forward to having much more news to tell you VERY soon.

Just last weekend I joined a group to challenge myself for 30 days.  My challenge is to find inspiration and write daily.  Now you would think with so much happening in my life that inspiration is easy to find.  But sometimes, I don’t feel inspired.  I operate in “auto pilot” mode.  But how can that be?  It’s simple…I am human.  I have not-so-good days.  I don’t always see the silver lining.  How do I get out of that?  I change my environment and force myself to see beyond my life.  After all, there are so many positive things in the world beyond my mind’s ideas.  I go around people who are also working as hard as I am, or harder, and I always find inspiration in their efforts and passion.  That is an automatic pick-me-up.

So as I embark on this challenge, I hope to improve my blog in a way that will uplift and entertain.  If you have suggestions, please leave a comment below.  I encourage you to join in the 30 day challenge.  You pick the challenge, but make sure you give it your 100% effort for a full 30 days.  You are welcome to share your challenge below.  Also, I ask that you subscribe and share this blog with at least five friends.  I’m sure if you post the info on your social networking sites, you will surpass the five.  Don’t forget to connect with me on social media.  I’d really appreciate that support and look forward to your suggestions.  Thanks so much in advance!!!


Until next time….Andrea

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