Another Miracle

It is interesting to witness miracles.  A baby being born, the beauty in nature, and how one organ can be successfully transplanted from one body to the next.  Even Luther said miracles happen everyday.  But a LOT of miracles go unnoticed because quite a number of them are taken for granted.  Something as simple as you breathing or eating on your own counts.  How about when you walked away from that car accident or avoided one despite your texting and driving?  Other miracles could be you beating the odds and graduating from high school/college or passing that big exam.  Come on, I know I am not the only person who may have been counted out when it came to accomplishing a goal.  How about beating an illness or being able to manage one and still live life?  The list goes on and on, but I want you to focus on the growth that occurs from it.  How much do you take your lessons learned or miracles witnessed and allow them to play a part in your maturity?

Do you realize that some things you have done or been through seem impossible to others?  Some things you have conquered ARE impossible for others.  Your miracles have meaning.  Do you truly understand your value?  You have been given at least one gift.  Please learn what it is and use it.  “That may be easier said than done.”  Yes, I agree.  Pay attention to your talents and other things that you are good at.  Are there any common denominators?  It may lead you to your gift(s).  Trust your instincts and give your all.  As you grow and mature, the more you will thrive in that gift.  The more you thrive, the larger your probability of changing the world (or at least someone’s).  Before you know it you may be experiencing another miracle…living life in your purpose J
Until next time…Andrea

2 Replies to “Another Miracle”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    I was touched by this post. Even though many believers know the path, they just don't walk it because it may seem too hard. We all need to be reminded of the simple miracles and blessings. Thank you


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