Don’t I Know You?

Being recognized by the public is probably one of the best ways to become famous.  But how does one make that happen?  Be a bad girl, act crazy/extreme, date someone who already has a spotlight, win a contest, join the reality TV family, be a hero to a community…or just one? There are loads of ways to gain the attention of society and possibly even build a brand.  But what costs will you pay?  Will it be your privacy, security, peace of mind, or family and other relationships?  How much do you want that spotlight, even if it is just 15 minutes?

Whatever your goals, know that your process matters.  People will give you props for your success, but how you got there is just as important.  Your journey is a large part of your legacy.  It is what inspires others and maintains loyal supporters.  Another important thing is what you do with your success.  Yes, take care of your family, momma ‘nem, friends, etc, but remember to give back.  Being able to sow into something or someone you are passionate about speaks volumes to your character and really feels great!  You may find that you reach more in giving from the heart than in any other way.


Some people make a living because people dislike them.  It works in some cases, but who really wants to be the person that others want to see fail?  There is always room for positive and progressive people in the forefront.  Yes, nobody is perfect and bad days are inevitable.  But your attitude, actions, and faith will always help you prevail.  So on your road to stardom or as you are in the limelight, be responsible, confident, and blessed.
Until next time…Andrea

3 Replies to “Don’t I Know You?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you both!


  2. Tavy Day says:

    great blog. very well said!


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