Don’t Get Lost

Wow it’s June already?!  How time has flown.  I have been on a break from the hustle and bustle of New York for a little while.  A few important things and people required my attention.  Now that I am gaining new focus, I have a different mindset.  I am the type of person who lives life with an open mind, enjoys learning new things, and loves meeting new people.  I have connected with some great people who are working in their purpose and who have inspired me to push forward.  I have matured in different areas and feel great about the future.

As my path takes me further, I remember those who have affected my life.  Their passion for purpose and motivation for success are contagious.  I have been blessed with many talents, similar to those of others.  Just because the talents match doesn’t mean our destinies should.  I am learning to take those contagious qualities and apply them to MY life.


What path are you traveling?  The one that belongs to only you or a pretty good look-a-like?  It may be a little easier or even more lucrative, but is it yours?  Don’t allow yourself to be strayed from YOUR destined path.  Yes you probably have some positive, fun, and productive people around, but they have their own path and agenda.  In some cases, they may even have one for you.  Keep yourself focused and don’t lose sight of your future.  It is very easy to get lost in a crowd, but it can be just as easy to get lost in relationships that can’t handle your destiny.

Until next time…Andrea

6 Replies to “Don’t Get Lost”

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    Thanks for your comment. The chosen side of the line can make the difference between existing in life and living it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. Feel free to share.


  4. Captivating post, I love the line “Just because the talents match doesn’t mean our destinies should..” Many of us struggle between what we love doing and accepting what we are good at. I could be a great carpenter but I actually love teaching. I might love cooking but I am great at sales. The line in the sand is always clear and visible, its having the courage to stand on the side of the line that makes you happy that many cant do


  5. Well said Dre. I knew you always had the intelligence to match your beauty.


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