No Justice, No Peace

Traditionally, having a son was one of the proudest things a couple could announce.  Not to shoot down the idea of having a daughter, but it meant different things.  It meant that their legacy could live on to at least one more generation.  The family name and values would be passed down and the bloodline would thrive.  Today, knowing that you are bringing a boy into this world is a bittersweet accomplishment.  Young African-American males are being slaughtered in this country much more often than before.  Now this was happening when I was growing up in Chicago and other cities as well.  I understood that there was usually some gang related reason for the deaths (that’s what the media reported).  Now that I’m an adult and a mother, I see that victims exist for so many other worthless excuses.
With the recent murder and lack of resolution in the Trayvon Martin case, the security of our future is severely threatened.  If you know me, you know that this case hits home for me.  I look in the face of a “Trayvon Martin” everyday; all of us do in one shape or form.  I can only pray that God continues to protect the young males, especially African-American males in this country.  Prejudice, racism, ignorance, and probably some other factors took this boy’s life.  Fortunately, his death has already sparked the good in others.  Perfect strangers are speaking out about what is righteous and seeking justice.  Communities are becoming more aware of neighborhood security and proper law enforcement.  Parents are paying more attention to their children and preparing their sons for the ugly truths of man and how to overcome them.
So what to do?  How can we help make this country/world a better place?  Speak out and speak up for what is right.  Don’t judge a book or “hoodie” by its cover/color.  Understand that all young black males are NOT gangsters, hoodlums, delinquent, stupid, negative, deadbeats, and worthless.  A lot of them are driven, focused, intelligent, talented, respectful, valuable, and beautiful.  Most importantly, they are human.  They deserve to be treated with humanity and dignity.  Be an example and talk to them instead of always preaching or punishing.  Hold them to standards of integrity and accountability.  They have to be nurtured, will need practice to get things right, and deserve stability and our sacrifice to make them better.  After all, THEY ARE THE FUTURE.  Whatever we instill in them is the foundation for what is to come.
Please educate yourself, your children, and black males about the Trayvon Martin case.  Bringing awareness and sparking conversation will help to produce change.  Let’s make it positive change.  Feel free to post information to your contacts regarding the case or even this post to spread the word.  I have signed the petition to have the case investigated, see justice, and bring some peace to this dilemma of our country.  You can too at
Be blessed and a blessing!
Until next time…Andrea

4 Replies to “No Justice, No Peace”

  1. True Indeed Dre. Like hundreds of thousands of other men & women in America, I was very outraged by this injustice. My 9 year old son said to me after reading the article in the newspaper, “I thought racism was over”. Sorry son it isn't and neither is black on black violence, unfortunately. If there is one teachable moment about this tragedy is that our African American youth can hopefully begin to understand the ignorance of self-hate. Racism and other tools of oppression is the real enemy.


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is an inspiring article written with deep thought and a mothers compassion.


  3. Freckles says:

    this journey is so aspiring as we come together in a peaceful manner for a conscious cause that we deal with on a regular every day basis. It is sad that it has takend a tragedy such as this to raise awareness but we all need to do better since we all know better.great post lady.


  4. DivaDi says:

    So true, on point and on time. We have all made the mistake of judging someone based upon their looks, however, not many of us have physically ended ones life based on what we thought they were based on how they looked. This is a very sad case and to add insult to injury, this jerk is still walking the streets while Trayvon lies somewhere lifeless.


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