R U N Love?

Oh the joys of being in love! The butterflies you have when thoughts cross your mind and the smiles that crowd your face. The shaky hands, rushed heartbeats, and nervous twitches that nobody else can see. All of these reactions to the anticipation of feeling loved through and through. Feeling adored, valued, vital, validated, and immortal. There is such a high that exists when you KNOW its real…

What happens to that passion after a couple of months, years even? What adjustments are made in the way that your passion is expressed? Do things continue to flourish or do they take a downward spiral? Do hard times, opinions of others, and selfishness take over? Do you allow others to interrupt the evolution of what seemed so perfect? Who/what is keeping you from being in love again? How much longer are you going to wait, avoid, fight, or deny the truth?

Be honest with yourself. Your future is waiting. You have to learn to love yourself again, maybe even forgive or ask for forgiveness, and give it another try. Giving up is not an option and it won’t bring you to happiness any quicker. So continue taking one step at a time, focus on that person in the mirror, and learn how to be in love with you in every aspect of life. He is always ready and willing to help you along the way. Obedience is so much better than sacrifice…

If you are in love with yourself and are taking care of your greatest asset (you), High 5! If you know someone who needs to read this, please share. As always, please comment below.

Until next time… Andrea

2 Replies to “R U N Love?”

  1. The beauty of love is that,,,it just,,,is. All shapes and sizes.


  2. DivaDi says:

    So on point and on time!


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