“When you have a dream you should hold it near and dear to your heart. When you have a dream, you should never let it be taken away. When you have a dream, you should never give up on making it a reality….”

Now I believe that everyone is a dreamer. At least everyone has had one dream in their lifetime. But just as each person is different, every dream is not the same. Some people dream to be firefighters, crossing guards, teachers, policemen, etc. Others dream of being singers, movie stars, astronauts, models, moguls, etc. The point is that the dream exists.

What did you do with your dream? Did you continue to “sleep” on it? Is it still festering in your mind? Did you ever research it? Did you ever try? Did you ever succeed? Did your dream just lead you to many others or did that one dream lead you to your destiny?

Some people let go a long time ago. They allowed others to take their dreams away or they just gave up after reasoning that their opportunity had passed. Others have actually missed opportunities or given up before having a breakthrough. Either way it is up to you where your dream will go. Just know that it’s not too late to start over. In the cases where time has run out for that specific dream of yours, you may be able to do something similar or related that will help fill the void. You may find that new thing to be the true blessing instead of what you originally thought. Keep the faith, believe in yourself, and be open-minded to what’s in store. Remember, God doesn’t make mistakes.

Rest in Peace Whitney…

Until next time… Andrea

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