“You Gon’ Be the LIFE of Me”

Last week I was torn with two topics.  With the suicidal deaths of the late Don Cornelius and Ashley Duncan (17-year old teen) in the last week, I cannot put off this topic any longer.  Not too long ago I was faced with a very scary situation.  Someone extremely close to me was considering suicide.  There was almost an attempt made but thankfully things were caught beforehand.  My life has never been the same…
While in college, I studied psychology.  Suicide was one of the important topics covered.   Statistics have shown that a lot of suicides occur with people who are experiencing some type of depression and/or mental health crisis.  Although mental health is quite often overlooked, it is just as important as physical and spiritual health.  It is very hard to maintain a functional and productive lifestyle if a person is trying to manage a mental disorder alone.  It is even more difficult if they are not even aware.  It takes family, friends, health professionals, prayer, and lots of discipline to maintain, but it CAN be done.
Now I don’t mean to put a damper on your day, but we have to become more educated and aware of ourselves, families, and community.  People are walking around hurting and lost within.  They have their own ways to speaking out, but far too many times their words are not heard or taken seriously.  You may not be a counselor or know what to say, but showing you care is a start.  Encouraging someone and keeping a positive attitude goes a very long way.  Offering to be available can mean the world to someone.  If all else fails contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  Take this number for yourself or someone else that you may know/encounter who NEEDS someone to talk to.  I have attached some links below for you to get further information.  Learn about the causes, warning signs, what to do, and who you can contact in your local area.  You never know when you can save a life.
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Suicide Awareness Voice of Education (SAVE)
Veterans Crisis Line
Until next time…. Andrea

One Reply to ““You Gon’ Be the LIFE of Me””

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very deep very personal and insightful not too many people cross the lines of admitting that suicide has become such a huge concern and that it hits close to home more often than we know as our every day-day lives go on there is someone in a fight for their life and all they need is for someone to show true intrest in them and really be there for then one person can make a difference and maybe save a life thank you for bringing up such an imPorant topic to the forefront of ur followers I will stay tuned to your blog (Sincere)bk-nyc


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