Pay It Forward…

I am learning to find freedom in telling my story. Growing up in church its always been called a testimony. I have experienced so many things and depending on the story, it may be a “test” just to remember and articulate the words of my life’s happenings. Once aware, others seem surprised but inspired by my journey. But opening up to the world about my triumphs and failures is not always what I’d prefer. Omitting information is sometimes necessary for smoother interaction. I don’t tell lies but provide information on an “as needed” basis.

I am a fan of the R&B artist Chrisette Michele. While listening to her latest album I heard her sing something that really hit home. She said:
“If I just say what’s inside of me, I might set somebody free. If I just be me.”
Now it hit home because at that time I was in even more conflict about what parts of ME I wanted to introduce to the world. I’m no movie star, famous talk show host, or songstress, but I am a rising personality in the modeling/fashion industry. Who I am is important to the people and clients I may work with. So what I reveal to the world is critical to my career. But then again, because of who I am and where I am going, it is just as important that I look at the big picture and remember that what I do and strive for is bigger than me. Being open about my life’s journey can help those who look up to me.

Soooo stay tuned for MY story. I am not certain the form of delivery, but I will say that you will learn, be inspired, surprised, and hopefully grow from it. I know I will.

Until next time… Andrea

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