People sometimes reflect on their lives on or around their birthday. Others may do it when someone dies. It seems to be a tradition to reflect at the end of each year in order to have changes begin just at the start of the next one. Well, I find that tax season is another time to reflect, especially from a business standpoint.

As a model (independent contractor) one has to be mindful of the business of things: how much was invested (all of those expenses), earned, and what adjustments to make to have a more successful year. So aside from making sure I fulfill my obligation to the country by filing taxes, I will make sure to do myself a favor and be involved and aware of my business. This is the other side to staying beautiful, making castings, securing clients, rocking a shoot, and ripping the runway.

Now please don’t get bored reading this saying, “I’m not a model, why do I care?” If you have/are your own business or just need to file taxes, the need for analysis still applies. See if you can find areas where you could save money while still providing a quality product or just get an idea of what monetary goals you want to achieve. Learn about ways to give back and get credit at tax season (donating items, etc). All this to find out how to be a better steward of your blessings so you will continue to receive them and they grow. If you came out on top, High 5 to you! If you still have work to do, let’s get it done!

Until next week…Andrea

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