So I have been at this old place….
A place where I have held on to the things that have become comfortable.  Not because they were the best for me, but my drive, strength, and faith were not adequate enough to overpower the stagnant situations.  As long as nothing changed, my endless cycles continued.  As long as I allowed that, I prevented myself from full “pursuit of happiness.”  I had almost lost sight and given up on some of my goals in life.  I definitely made some choices that led to experiences that I could have lived without.  But “everything happens for a reason.”
Now I am at a new place…
I am continuously learning more about who I am, where I am going in life, who will be going with me, and who won’t.  This place is where I refuse to take things for granted, “no” as an automatic fail, and a fortune cookie when I’d rather have apple pie! (Sorry, just been craving it something serious, LOL)  I know that my life’s purpose is to produce results.  Whichever area(s) that God sees fit, he will provide favor and wisdom to ensure success.  I am motivated to see things through and have an open mind to not see limitations.  This journey has definitely made me a more efficient woman, mother, friend, and inspiration.
So regardless of how it feels or looks, don’t stop living, breathing, or believing.  And when its time to move on, don’t look or go back for the sake of comfort.  A little discomfort may be just what you need to push you to your “new place.”
Until next week…Andrea

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, how I needed that! Thanks!


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