People Watching

There are so many characters that are encountered on the subway. Some extreme and some slightly familiar. They are all entertaining. Some sing, dance, and preach to the masses. Some are in their own worlds in their mind, music, books, papers, work, or mobile games. I enjoy watching how everyone interacts… or doesn’t. It is a one of a kind mix.

I must admit that some days I am entertainment for others (rushing to work, eating, or catching a groove to just the right song). I don’t think it is because I’m so extreme, but maybe because I don’t look the part, I’m not a threat, and whatever I’m doing may add a smile to their faces. My conservative sexy style doesn’t necessarily match eating a messy $5 footlong, rhythmically finger snapping and bobbing my head to some Keezo Kane, or skipping steps to make the train right before those doors close (“ding dong”). If you’ve ever traveled a New York subway, you understand.

So whether you are being watched or are the one watching, gain something from the experience. Don’t be afraid to learn a little something from others(actions, style, etc), spare some change, read a pamphlet, or express yourself. Love life and all that it has to offer to help you grow. You may bless someone with your smile and positive spirit. Lord knows there’s plenty of room for them both on the subway.

Until next week…Andrea

One Reply to “People Watching”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep blogging, we miss your unique perspective. So much has happened in the Northeast that I am sure you have stories to tell.


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