Have you ever come to a point in your life (business or personal) where you had to make a decision and you were apprehensive?  The hesitation is not because the consequence is so severe, but because you are nervous or even scared of the success. You could be signing a contract for a business deal, making a large purchase(car, house, etc), or even deciding to propose or say “yes.”  These are scenarios that should enhance your life.  As I’ve grown I noticed that society focuses so much on the negative that positive things and progress seems abnormal. Being happy and having peace in life is a “luxury.”  That could have been a change that has occurred over my lifetime, but the reality may just be that my awareness has increased with adulthood.

So how do I get over my fears of success and maintain a positive outlook?  With awesome support from family and friends. They always have my best interest in mind and add a broader perspective to situations. They are there to give me the push I need to get over my insecurities.  What’s just as valuable is the pull they give when I need to maintain a healthy pace, slow it down, and breathe. They are the ones who help me get through a hard lesson learned, acknowledge my triumphs, and encourage my talents.  I don’t know where I would be had God not placed them in my life.

So this post is dedicated to not only “my network,” but all of the people out there who serve that same purpose in someone else’s life. You can be a friend, mother, father, sibling, spouse, or even a play cousin (old school term), lol.  The point is that you uplift instead of tear down. You inspire instead of judge. You tell the truth, labor in love, and respect individuality with no expectations of anything in return.  You also take care of your business as well.

To my network: 

Know that I thank you, love you back, and look forward to sharing more of the “luxury” of life with you.  You are angels on Earth!  Muah!!

Until next time…Andrea

2 Replies to “TY!”

  1. Amazing symbolism! Friends are angels on earth.


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