Press On

There is something about having a purpose.  It gives people a reason to live, press on, grow, and evolve.  Now there are so many people who are searching for their purpose in life.  There is an elite group of people who have been able to find their purpose, make the necessary changes to become successful, and thrive.  There is also a group of us (because it includes myself) who knows their purpose and is trying to make those changes to become successful in it.  It is a journey filled with passion, frustration, and reward.
Like an actor, depending on their area they may be hoping to win an Oscar.  They study their script, their role, and even make lifestyle changes to be the very best that they can be.  Some actors are so focused that they never come out of character even when the scene ends.  In the end, the Academy decides that they are deserving of that Oscar.  Although we have all different purposes, the same rules apply.  When you are working to be the best you that you can be, and you know that you are walking/living in your purpose, don’t step outside of YOUR character.  Be focused, consistent, efficient, and learn from everything possible.  Don’t be afraid to take advice from others and observe their processes, but remember to filter that information to tailor it for you.
There is only one of you with your purpose, talents, drive, personality, and even flaws.  Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made….you are an original.  Trust me…the original will ALWAYS be more valuable than the copy.  So press on, be encouraged, and don’t forget to laugh, smile, or “smell the roses” along the way.
Until next week…Andrea

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