I recently went home to visit family.  As I walked through the airport I came across a quote.
“Opportunity doesn’t always arrive gift wrapped.” -Unknown
I stopped in my tracks and had to read it again.
I stood there pondering on it while I frantically searched for my Blackberry to record the exact words so I wouldn’t forget.  I proceeded with my day and my trip was normal, except for the fact that I kept hearing that quote in my mind.  Almost like Mufasa’s voice speaking to Simba in The Lion King (“Remember who you are…”).  Now it wasn’t in James Earl Jones’ voice (lol), but it also wasn’t my own.  It felt like fertilizer to a growing seed inside of me.
It tells me to stay encouraged in my journey and be willing to work for the opportunities that I need/want to establish my career and a prosperous future.  It also says that sometimes blessings are just placed into my life all wrapped up, put together, and ready to go.  Some blessings even have instruction manuals (lol).  The quote is not specific enough to tell me which opportunities/blessings will come with the shiny wrapping and big bow.  However, it is enough to speak to the mature woman in me, not the spoiled brat, to keep her growing and in control.
I just wanted to share the quote with you.  I hope that you gain something from it.  If not, just open your eyes, look around, and see what you find.  There may be message waiting just for you.  By the way, if you are not familiar with The Lion King there is a clip attached.  Take the time to watch the movie.  You can learn some thing about yourself through symbolism.
Until next week… Andrea

One Reply to “Message!”

  1. DivaDi says:

    Love it! I love quote, your perspective on it and how you are blossoming by doing this blog…may God continue to enlarge your territory! (so I can quit my job and come work for you!!!!)


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