First let me apologize for my delayed post.  My grandmother, and last grandparent, passed away.  I have been “silent” since.  Not because I had nothing to say, but I just could not put my words together.  So now, after a month and a half, my silence is broken…

Interesting how thoughts in the mind and feelings of the heart are manifest. Also, interesting how those manifestations effect our lives. I believe that most thoughts are motivated by some interaction with another(whether it is the author of a book you are currently reading, a loved one’s hug and kiss, or the local radio host).  If your eyes/ears/mind are open to them, there is an opportunity to be influenced. Now our thoughts may not be effected immediately, but whenever the influence is considered or accepted a change occurs. You may say, “I haven’t changed.  I still do everything the same.”  But on the contrary, your perception of life, or the area of influence, will forever be changed. Your mind, and sometimes your heart, is opened just a little more.

Here in NY, I have encountered so many personalities.  Most of them I just see in passing:  never a word spoken. Some I encounter while doing business (shopping, eating, etc). But then there are others who I’ve talked to and learned from.  As much as I strive to maintain the identity that I arrived with, I realize that I am changing. I mean the NY environment alone is enough to change most people, but the fact is…Andrea is evolving.  Its unavoidable.  I am not changing to the point of being a stranger to those I’ve been familiar to in the past, but there are definitely some upgrades and updates happening.

What manifestations in your life are a result of influence?  Not happy with them, remember you have one awesome resource…the freedom of choice.

Until next week…Andrea

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