Check Yourself!

I have come to master being patient in most of my life situations but there comes a time when I get overwhelmed and my patience runs thin. I get tired of waiting or being told “no”. I’m a big girl and understand that “all things” work together,  but sometimes I think my request is so simple and easy that God can grant it now.

But…the bottom line is God knows that my timing is off.  I am not aware of ALL of the details that he has to customize for me to walk into that destiny. I just want it immediately (sooner than later). But in my impatience I seem to forget who I’m dealing with.  Girl please!! This is God!  He is not going to move until HE deems necessary. There is no negotiating or bribing that will work. It also does not matter how many times you ask, beg, or plead.  So what’s the solution?  Wait.  And if you have to move quickly, hurry up… and wait, lol.

With all my blessings and faith, I still have those impatient moments.  I am learning to trust God more and more each day.   While waiting I remember MY ATTITUDE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!  You don’t want your destiny to be on hold because you are dwelling on “what NOT’s” instead of “what HAVE’s”.  Make sure to take that wait time as time to rest and prepare. You will need it because he probably has so much more in store than what you asked for.  He just loves and blesses us that way!

Until next week…Andrea

One Reply to “Check Yourself!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As the old prayer warrior saying goes,,,”If He doesn't do another thing for me,,,he has done enough.” Just Thank Him anyway


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