How is NY?

So far so good! Whether it is the trips to the agency, social scene, or even going to the grocery store, I am learning to adjust to my environments. One thing about improving your life is that things most likely will have to change. And with change comes the experiences that teach you how to adjust and adapt.

Now growing up I must have thought I owned a Burger King or something because I always had things “my way.” I almost could snap my fingers and everything would run smoothly (the life of a spoiled daddy’s girl).  That trend lasted throughout most of my life. Now that I am older “my way” is not always the reality.

Being in NY, and out of my comfort zone, influences me to be “in the moment” and re-evaluate old choices and methods in order to thrive. In all of my prayers, I had not fully considered how much I would change as an individual. It has been just 3 weeks and I am already different. It is never a bad thing because I am growing.  Everyone evolves, but not all are aware. Thanks to God I am totally aware and can feel this evolutionary change.

Until next week…Andrea

2 Replies to “How is NY?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No pizza surpasses Chicago's Deep Dish. I'm so loyal that I refuse to eat NY pizza. lol


  2. Anonymous says:

    The irony in it all is that everything we do contributes to the overall experience of life. I truly believe experiences are the fabric that makes memories valid and our past gels the shape of our personal outlook to the intent God's purpose. Keep enjoying NY….by the way, does the pizza come close to Chicago style?


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