Keep Going

I have been counting down the days until my departure and as I get closer, I am reminded that this IS my reality.  I am about to walk in one of my dreams.  There are so many words to describe the feeling when a door opens in your life and you are able to take full advantage of it.  Thankful is one.  I am thankful for having a tailor-made set of people, and resources to make this all possible.  Favored is another.  NOBODY BUT GOD did this!!!  So as I reflect on things to come, I remember my life goals:  be remembered for the woman I am, things I loved, the work that I did, and the way I inspired others.

For those of you who are focused, talented, and motivated, please keep up the great work.  Your time will come to live your dream, change a life, or change the world.  Do not give up on yourself or what has been promised to you.  God has his own order of things regardless of our opinion.  Don’t lose faith in your destiny and don’t forget to gain the most from your journey.  Every moment is special and necessary in molding the masterpiece…YOU.

Until next week…Andrea

Last week’s poll:
Q:  Are you ready for your extraordinary?
A:  “I’ve been ready” had the most votes.

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