This post is difficult for me to type.  Not because my typing skills are mediocre, but because of what I am about to say.  I am a positive person.  I love my family, friends, and myself.  I enjoy being healthy, participating in different activities, and enjoy connecting with people.  I never want to be a bearer of negative news or be a bad influence on anyone.  But sometimes I have moments when I don’t have the best attitude, am pessimistic, selfish, and even a bitch.  I am disobedient, defiant, and wasteful of my time, energy, and resources.  Random reasons really.  Could even be PMS, but either way I am aware.
I said all of that to say that I AM…HUMAN.  Whew!  So glad I got that off of my chest.  WOW, right?  Some people may think otherwise, but I have flaws and have made so many mistakes.  I still make mistakes.  That’s just part of being human.  I just needed to say that so you know that wherever God takes me, I am still an ordinary person.  I may be blessed with some extraordinary talents and opportunities, but I am human just like you.  That also means that you are not exempt from the extraordinary.  God can do the same in you.  It may come in a different form than what you want or expect.  It may even be so massive and quick that you don’t have a chance to soak it all in at first.
So be encouraged, you don’t have to be extraordinary….he’s got that taken care of.  You just need to be in position, ready, and willing.
Until next week…Andrea
Last Week’s Poll:
Q:  Do you think change tests one’s faith?
A:  Yes!

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