“Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” –Unknown
I have mentioned in prior posts that God has blessed me with an amazing opportunity.  I have been so excited, anxious, and open-minded to the changes that have been occurring.  As my time draws closer, I have been trying to prepare myself.  Long days (and sometimes nights), sweat, tears, and the moments of feeling home-sick are all part of the destiny before me.  But I know that with my hard work comes success.  I also know there will always be more good times than bad.  Everything is going to be just fine, right?  So why do I worry?
Now this is not the worry that prevents me from moving forward, breaks my confidence, or shows in my work.  This is intermittent and minor.  There are a range of things that cross my mind:  who I will meet, what I will eat, where I will live, if I will be fashionable for the big city, whether I will “fit-in” in the industry, etc.  I am also concerned about my family/friends.  What will they do without me?  Will they be alright if I am not around as much?  God has provisions for everyone.  So again, WHY the concern?
Is it because I am resistant to the change(s)?  No.  Is it the feeling of being needed in someone else’s life?  No.  Or is it me not trusting God to be God?  Maybe (ouch, that hit below the belt).  One thing that will definitely test someone’s faith is change.  People always want the best but have to have faith that God’s will is best.  How many of you have rejected changes in your lives because you didn’t believe the outcome would be just right?  Have you gotten too comfortable with who you are to change and become greater?  You probably know you have the potential, skills, brains, and support, but you resist the change.  Your future would be so much greater if you would surrender to change, have faith, and walk into your opportunities.  As for me, I will continue to walk, build my faith, and rely on God to do the rest.  Remember, the “best case scenario” always includes HIM.
Until next week…Andrea
Last week’s poll:
Q:  Should one be just as inspiring as they are inspired?
A:  Yes!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post Andrea


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