Inspiration in Mia

Now most people know that I was a tomboy growing up and that even now, I don’t wake up in GLAM mode.  Some people are familiar with my story from beginning to end.  Others have just learned “snip-its” recently.  I had always been sociable and made friends pretty easily.  Those traits seem to be inborn.  However being totally confident was quite different.  I had self-esteem to some degree, but I did not love myself fully.  Part of that was from maturity, choices I made, and having negative people in my inner circle.  The other part had to do with the lack of examples of plus size, powerful, and beautiful women in my life.  I learned about plus size models and although I fit the size and height requirements, I was still insecure about my assets.  As I researched further, I learned of an awesome woman, Mia Amber Davis.
Now Mia was a tall, voluptuous, confident, sassy, sexy, and vibrant plus model.  I would see her in ad campaigns and dream of being on set, striking a pose, and brightening the world with my smile, just like her.  I was blessed to meet her in 2009.  She was even more beautiful in person.  Not because of her wardrobe or makeup, but because I could experience her personality and spirit.  She was helpful, honest, respectful, glamorous, confident of her abilities, and so proud of her curves.  From that encounter I was inspired to love all of my curves and be confident that I could be a professional plus model.  I have been dedicated ever since and have God to thank for allowing our paths to cross.
This past week my inspiration, Mia Amber Davis, passed away.  It was an extremely unexpected and painful loss for her family, friends, co-workers, students, the plus modeling community, and me.  I will NEVER forget the legacy that she has left.  I only hope that can impact others as much as she did.  I find myself looking through her photos, videos, website, twitter timeline, and blog and still find myself learning from her.  You will be remembered for years to come Mia…Thank you!
Until next time…Andrea
Last Week’s Poll:
Q:  Shouldn’t Mother’s Day be everyday?
A:  “It already is” was the answer with the most votes.  That MUST mean that moms everywhere are being appreciated daily.  If you didn’t know, now you know!

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