Another Rose

With Mother’s Day vastly approaching, I am exposed to lots of triggers that bring memories of the women in my family.  Not just those related by blood, but women who I have come to love, respect, and grow with.  Some of these women are actual mothers.  Others are “motherly.”  Just like there is usually an “odd ball” in every family, there is also a woman who seems to know everything.  She never has a problem telling you about yourself, answering a question, or providing solutions.  In my family it was always the eldest (great aunt, grandmother, etc).  But with time the eldest have taken ill, lost their sharpness of mind and wit with age, or even passed away.  Now the new generation of all-knowing women includes my mother.
Now my mother is definitely one of a kind.  I am sure everyone can say that about their mother.  Living in the south from the 50’s to the 70’s she faced various forms of racism, segregation, oppression, and disrespect.  Cultural norms were definitely different as well.  Women’s rights and values were not important to mainstream society.  My mother not only lived through those experiences, but went on to bigger and better things.  She was blessed to marry a great man, move to the Midwest, obtain her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and build a great career.  She made great strides, retired, and is now working in her second career.  She has her health, wisdom, love of family and friends, and most importantly her faith.
As I have grown and matured, I have become closer to my mother.  That was not always the case.  We still have our mother-daughter moments, but nowadays we have a solid friendship as well.  Her life’s tragedies and triumphs have shown me that I am capable of GREAT things.  Her drive and determination for her life and mine has sometimes been the only wind in my sails.  Before I knew God for myself, her prayers and faith had helped to keep me connected to him.  I am so very thankful to not only have a mother, but one who is also interactive, loving, dependable, supportive, honest, confident, curvy, beautiful, virtuous, and blessed.  My mother always told me, “Don’t save my roses for when I die.  I want to be able to smell them while I’m alive.”  Well mom, here is another rose
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there.  I pray that you enjoy your day and know that you are appreciated.
Until next week…Andrea
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Q:  Procrastination means you are irresponsible?
A:  Unanimous vote of YES
That’s clear.  “No further questions your honor.”

One Reply to “Another Rose”

  1. maxgle11 says:

    So true that all women as they approach a stage in thier lives with age and wit they become what most of us consider the motherly figure. Its not neccesary to have children to have the instinks that mother nature has given you. There is more love given during this season of Mothersday than with Valentines day because everyone has a mother so the love flows alot more during this time than others. I can only imagine what it must feel like to go through the rst of your life without a mother as alot of people do and for these people I say this Your mother has left this world but has never left your heart so find your mother in yourself and thank her for her presense and the gifts she gave you in your life. Happy mothers day to all the women out there who have gone that extra mile to show your motherly side.


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