On your mark, get set, GO!

How many of us hear that phrase and take off like an Olympic track star?  You start off strong, develop a pace, end with a burst of energy, and most times a win.  Sounds like a great way to go through experiences in life:  giving your all as soon as the opportunity arises and you succeed.  Even if you don’t get that top spot, you are still considered one of the best and can walk away knowing that you gave your all.
But how many of us hear that phrase and procrastinate or delay our start?  You give yourself too much room to relax or you get comfortable along the way.  Ultimately, you don’t allot enough importance to your contribution to the situation and the end result is a reduced reward or total failure.  Then what?  You blame someone or something for what happened?
What about the man/woman in the mirror?  That Olympic star is the only person running the race.  Yes they had a lot of support, training, and assistance in getting to the starting line, but when the gun goes off its just them.  The win comes from what they have on the inside.  So when it’s time for you to be that star and run your race, don’t procrastinate.  Take responsibility for yourself (attitude, actions, contributions, choices, successes, failures, and lessons learned throughout).  Just being responsible can take you all the way to the finish line.  It not only exudes integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness, but speaks wisdom to those who are watching you.  Now some of you don’t care who is watching, but remember you have to be evaluated by someone to be considered one of the best.  So as you go through life stay “on your mark,” make sure you are “set,” and when your time comes…GO!  Don’t procrastinate, be responsible in your success, and do your best.  Just being in the race is an honor.
Until next week…Andrea
Last Week’s Poll:
Q:  How important is faith in achieving your goals?
A:  Unanimous vote of “most important”
For those who voted and even those who didn’t, I hope your actions match your claims of faith.

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