What did you say?

Random ideas pop in my head from time to time. A lot of them end there, but some spark a brainstorming session and there is always a discovery made. When I walk down the street or into a room I wonder what do people see when they look at me?  What makes them smile, wave, or even spark a conversation?  Is it all about their outgoing personality or is there something about me that speaks to them first?  Although I may not be talking from my mouth, my body language and outward appearance reveal so much. Some of what’s projected includes how I take care of my body (clean, groomed, clear skin, bright smile, physically healthy, interactive, etc). My demeanor and body language can reveal my attitude and/or personality (facial expressions, arms folded, no eye contact or staring, avoiding proximity or too close to others, etc).  Also my actions and reactions in certain environments can give people an exact idea of what I am thinking or feeling.  Places like a grocery store, mall, gas station, party, restaurant, workplace, and church are a few examples of where your actions can speak so much louder than your words.
Now as a public figure I’ve been somewhat concerned with the perception that others have of me just because I would like it to match what I see for myself and career. Well, in a perfect world it would match what God sees.  But with that being said, wouldn’t I need to see what God sees?  Absolutely!  Should I be waiting for validation from anyone for what God has promised me?  Of course not!  I must love myself and trust God enough to reveal my path so that I may live in HIS vision.  The public will never notice if I am not fulfilling my purpose, because they have no idea what God has for me.  My current concern is walking in God’s vision.  That will set the standard for who Andrea is to the world.  It will define me with no room for rebuttal.  So as I prepare for my daily activities, I will think about what I will say to the world when my mouth is shut.  I pray that it is positive, productive, and even a little contagious, because whether I want to or not, I will always be saying something.
Until next week…Andrea
Last week’s Poll:
Q:  What size do you consider plus size?
A:  The industry standard for plus-size models begins at size 8. However, the average size woman in America is size 14.

2 Replies to “What did you say?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing article. It made me think about my nonverbal communication too. I love the photo at the top and the fact that your site is really interactive.


  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW….This says so much MY FRIEND! I totally agree and you have me in awe at the moment. I truly will be thinking abotu what I am saying when my mouth is shut as well. Honestly, considering where I work, I ccould be saying alot of things to thousands of people, jsut with clothing alone, but this has given me something to truly think about. LOVE YOU and MISS YOU BOO!DKH


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