"Do You Know Who I Am?!"

That’s a question that some powerful and/or famous people have asked in situations where they believe that their worth or status had not been recognized. When they believed they were not being treated as they deserved. The other day I stood in the mirror, and in my “ultimate diva” voice, asked that question. I changed up my facial expressions, attitudes, and tones to see how many different ways I could say it. You know, practicing some acting…acting a fool that is (one of my silly moments, hee hee).

Later, I sat down and reflected on an answer. “This won’t be hard at all,” I thought. I mean I should know who I am, right? True.  But something told me to look deeper than the surface or even my past. Go forward, toward my purpose, and answer from there.  The fact of the matter is who I will become is rooted in the me of today. I am a process. I am evolving.  Asking myself that question requires me to tap into that evolutional path.  Now I’m no psychic, but I know there is no limit on my blessings, I’m full of potential, and trust that my talents will manifest in extraordinary ways.  So as far as the answer goes…..

I am a queen.  I am one of a kind. I am a leader, a vibrant and inspiring spirit, and a blessing to others.  I exude success, health, wealth, and diligence in the life I live and my connections to others.

When that answer has fully come to pass, when it is seeping from my pores, that is when I will embody the woman I am evolving to be. Then the world will respond and KNOW who I am.  But until they realize my value(which some never will), I will live in my truth.  I will continue taking the steps on my path and not worry or wonder about anything not “custom made” for me.  Like my mother used to say…

“Baby, I can show you better than I can tell you.”

So on with the show!

Until next week…Andrea

3 Replies to “"Do You Know Who I Am?!"”

  1. Diandra says:

    BABY BYE! Girl, I've always known how insigthful and intelligent you are but this blog of yours is something else. I LOVE IT! I will keep saying that because its the truth!!!!


  2. Wow! very inspiring! I love it Andrea. Keep following your dreams. I am looking forward to your next blog. Ciao


  3. Lovely says:

    And Show them you will!! Love it!!!


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