Mind wide open…

Since my last post I have experienced some ups and downs. One common theme among them was that I needed to be open to allowing others to help me achieve my goals. I had to change my understanding of the “way things should occur” in order to be successful. It was not an issue of pride, but more so an ongoing pattern of being equipped to handle things alone.  As my career blossoms and I mature as a woman, I will encounter new territory. I realize that my old remedies are not always going to work.

Having an open mind is one of the best things when exploring and living life. It helps one to become aware of more ideas, procedures, events, people, and even other things that don’t directly include them.  Its a guaranteed way to expand one’s scope. An open mind can change your habit of stating “I can’t” to asking “Why can’t I?” You never know who is watching, listening, and willing to help you achieve and grow. Do not limit yourself by being close-minded, doubtful, or even quick to judge a situation or another person.  It is ok to not be 100% sure.  That is what having great help and resources are for.  Just keep in mind that your assistance should come from people and places that you trust and have YOUR BEST interest in mind.

So, I challenge you to open your mind and see what things happen, lessons are learned, relationships are built, and doors are opened.  Hopefully it will be stress free and full of God’s favor! (goals of my life)

Until next time…Andrea

One Reply to “Mind wide open…”

  1. patrick says:

    it takes time and maturity to be able to b open minded.some are born with itsome learn itsome never acheive itsome are afraid of it


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